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Berserk Vulcanites Unleashed is a a free-to-play crypto digital collectible trading card game on the blockchain developed and published by Vulcan Forged.  Vulcanites from VulcanVerse can also be used to gain unique advantages.

Crypto CCG / TCG with NFTs on Blockchain

The Basics

You are the Hero and are represented by an avatar which is one of the Vulcanites from VulcanVerse.  Decks are themed on each of the 4 quadrants; Arcadia, Notus, Boreas and Hades. Each player can select 30 cards to complete their deck from either a starter deck or quadrant decks (NFTs).   Only 2 of the same card can ever be used in a single deck.  You then battle it out in turns until the losing player has zero life.

There are currently 2 types of cards in Berserk.

  • Creature cards are beasts who are played to fill one of up to a maximum of 7 spaces on the board.
  • Spell cards can be played at any time and result in a particular action by the hero.

Getting Started

This website is to be used as reference only.  The physical game is currently full of many bugs, glitches and questionable practices from developers.  It is not currently recommended in current state.

How to Read a Card

Card Rarity

Common GemCommon (500 cards in circulation)
Rare GemRare (350 cards in circulation)
Mythic GemMythic (200 cards in circulation)
Epic GemEpic (100 cards in circulation)
Legendary GemLegendary (25 cards in circulation)

Card Attributes

Most cards will give a decent description on the card face, however some use Keywords to avoid too much text on the card itself.

There are a number of attributes you need to be familiar with when playing and we will explain some in detail below..

Berserk Cards

Browse through a selection of Berserk Cards in our gallery to become familiar with the different card attributes.

How to Play a round of Berserk

Once you have selected your cards and built a deck it’s time to have find an opponent and play a round or two!

At the beginning of the game, there is a special one-off chance to pick the cards you want to start your hand with. 5 cards are presented at random and you can select whether to keep or redraw before re-shuffling and new cards are presented.  This is an important strategic step to ensure you have the right cards that to begin with.

Handy Tip : Vulcanite NFTs provide special powers in Berserk, we have them listed under each Vulcanite for Hades, Notus, Boreas and Arcadia.  Study them carefully as they may be your secret weapon against opponents!

How to Play Berserk

Berserk is currently full of bugs and lacks gameplay.  Tournaments held are only to benefit the Vulcan Forged inner circle team with questionable practices.  It is not recommended to play until Vulcan Forged can manage to develop a functional game.