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This website is not to be used as investment advice.  Only invest what you can afford to lose.  Upon swap from PYR to FIRE expect to lose ownership/control of that token.  Some investors have experienced difficulties and 2-3 day wait to withdraw funds. Please use at your own risk.

What is VulcanVerse?

VulcanVerse is a revolutionary open world MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) themed on Greco-Roman mythology.  Backed by blockchain which allows players to own their own in-game assets.  No longer is a game simply for enjoyment only. VulcanVerse allows players to actually own game elements including land, characters and items in the form of NFTs.  The game is backed by lore written by Fighting Fantasy authors & award winning artists from around the world.  In VulcanVerse, you can create your own quests and adventures, forage for NFTs, and battle against Vulcanites.  Read the game review.

What is Blockchain & how does it work with VulcanVerse?

Blockchain is a specific type of database that collects information together in groups, also known as blocks which hold sets of information.  Quite simply a digital ledger of transactions and assets that makes it difficult or impossible to change, hack, or cheat the system.

VulcanVerse utilizes Vechain for NFTs and Matic Network for their unique PYR token which powers the VulcanVerse economy.  Blockchain technology makes it possible for a new generation of gaming, where players take ownership of certain elements.  This results in Play to Earn possibilities.

Do I need to buy Crypto to Play?

The crypto token of the VulcanVerse economy is called PYR.   This is a highly speculative alt-coin with high risk, only invest what you can afford to lose. Currently available on a number of DEX platforms including Uniswap and Quickswap and soon to be listed on various CEX exchanges.  The PYR Token is an ERC20 token to be ported to Matic / Polygon network.  These two platforms provide a very low gas environment which are fully covered for players within the ecosystem.

As the native platform currency, PYR will play the role of the settlement medium, staking (for privileges) and gaming utility token within the VulcanVerse game and Vulcan Forged ecosystem.  It is not a requirement to buy PYR to enjoy the game.  However new players may need PYR in order to buy NFT assets at the Marketplace and stake to enjoy full benefits.  Currently the token is on a downward trend and faces ongoing dilutionary pressures.

What is land NFT & what can I do with it?

The VulcanVerse land map contains 10,000 unique plots of land spread over 4 distinct quadrants (Arcadia, Hades, Notus, Boreas).  The initial land sales took place in September 2020, however new players can still buy land at the p2p Marketplace.  Land ownership plays a major role in both gaming satisfaction and earning ability.

Players who own land are granted with building assets and terramorphing capabilities to forge their own piece of the world.  Each plot of land can also be levelled up to unlock more assets, and earn passively in the form of $PYR.  This process is referred to as staking.

What is Lava & how do I earn/use it?

VulcanVerse rewards users with Lava Crystals, an off-chain value linked to wallets, by simply playing the game.

Lava is the life-blood of the entire VulcanVerse ecosystem. With it you can:

  • Upgrade Vulcanite stats
  • Upgrade Land
  • Upgrade Gods
  • Enter tournaments
  • Upgrade your Avatar
  • Qualify for various competitions and rewards

There are a number of ways to earn LAVA during gameplay, these include;

  • Explore (measured in time played, or distance covered)
  • Trade regularly in the Vulcan Market Place
  • Upgrade your VulvanVerse land, Titans or Olympians
  • Receive ‘Appreciations’ of your land in VulcanVerse
  • Snapshot your land, or current rankings to blockchain

What are Vulcanite NFTs & what do they do?

Vulcanites are in game creatures in the form of NFTs who come alive in game.  From minotaurs to dryads, demons to sabretooth tigers and mammoths.  Players use Vulcanites to battle other players, forage for NFTs and spy on neighbouring plots. Each have their own unique lore and skillset, belonging to one of the four quadrants (Arcadia, Boreas, Hades and Notus).

Vulcanites are limited by number of editions minted.  The main editions are 500, 300, 200, 100 and 50.  These Vulcanites extremely rare and valuable, especially as the player base grows.  Each Vulcanite is also provided a Level which signifies their skill set limits in terms of Attack, Defence, Spying and Foraging.  Obviously the lower the edition, the higher level and more powerful the Vulcanite becomes.

What are God NFTs & how are they used in game?

Unlike Vulcanites, Gods are not physically represented in-game.  They do however play a very powerful role, granting myriad of blessings and abilities, according to their own mythology lore.  Gods are grouped into Titans or Olympians.  The Titans were the deities in Greek mythology that preceded the Olympians.  Each God is limited to only 100 editions, making them very rare and valuable NFTs.

Each Titan and Olympian are dynamic NFTS meaning their look and level can change and evolve as their level increases. Each will start at level 1 in newborn form and can be levelled up by soft-locking $PYR into them.  Nurturing Gods in order to salvage their full strength and powers will unlock unique worlds at maximum level  The benefits each God applies will vary based on their own unique abilities and specific buffs.  For example, Hermes will increase your avatar’s speed.

Can I use VulcanVerse NFTs in other games?

Yes!  Vulcan Forged are creating myriad of other games/apps.  However these games including Berserk and Forged Arena are of very low quality and need significant amount of work to sort out bugs and gameplay issues.

How can I play to earn in VulcanVerse?

Most video games have historically been based on the pay-to-win or freemium business models.  These are specifically designed to ensure gamers spend as much money as possible for little or zero rewards in return, other than pure gaming satisfaction. With the evolution of crypto currencies and adoption of blockchain to create entire gaming ecosystems, VulcanVerse has become a leader in Play to Earn crypto gaming.  Using blockchain technology, NFTs and DeFi elements to empower its gamers to actually earn as they play and create in the virtual world.  Earning can mimic the real world, creating an entirely new realm of digital trading.  For example, users can create their own quests for others to enjoy and thus earn rewards, or forage for special items to sell on the marketplace.

The VulcanVerse token PYR can be used for fee settlement, staking, defi game launchpads, play-to-earn benefits, gaming platform pools and discounted marketplace usage. PYR is a deflationary token, where on every PYR transaction, 10% will be sent to reward pools, and 5% used to buy-back and lock supply. PYR tokens can be used as a lock up token to stake and earn within the gaming ecosystem.

Each month, users will receive x PYR where x is the % of PYR in the play-to-earn pool, relative to the user’s LAVA count earned versus the total amount of LAVA earned by all users.

PYR tokens are required to be locked-up and staked within the ecosystem (land and gods) in order to;

  • Receive privileges and gain access to exclusive functions/levels/upgrades/areas within the
    gaming ecosystem.
  • Provide payouts from reward pools.  Including 10% of the entire PYR supply into the Staking (Reward) pool, 5,000,000 over 24 Months.  Earnings that you’ll receive from staking will be proportional to the amount of spending/contribution of each user relative to the others.

At time of publishing the Vulcan Forged Reward Pool Exceeds $20 Million (subject to fluctuations based on PYR price).  Making the Rewards pool an epic opportunity for play to earn gaming.

Rewards will be delivered each month, separate from the LAVA pool rewards.

Where do I sign up?

VulcanVerse is currently in Beta testing with many bugs and gameplay issues to work through.  Read the game review here.