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How to play VulcanVerse

How to Play VulcanVerse


ulcanVerse is a free to play fantasy virtual world, powered by the blockchain.  It is developed on a centralised platform and currently offers very basic gameplay and functionality.  Until all bugs are resolved and fair gameplay developed it may be best for new players to find a different blockchain play to earn game.  So far the game has failed to live up to expectations with bad quality graphics and poor gameplay functionality read game review here.  It is also hard to access and compatible with certain PCs only.


How can I play VulcanVerse & get involved?

VulcanVerse is currently in the final stages of closed beta and selected land owners have had the opportunity to test game features before full release.  The game is set to launch end of July 2021, so stay tuned for release dates.


  • 1. Read our FAQ to become familiar with important game elements and features.


  • 2. MyForge is a CENTRALISED platform to store your NFT’s, PYR token and LAVA earned.  You must convert PYR to FIRE to transact on marketplace.  Some investors have noted problems when withdrawing with limited terms on PYR to FIRE swap.  Do so at your own risk and only invest what you can afford to lose.  From here you can also access the marketplace to buy, sell and trade NFTs.  Every new account will be created a Vechain (to store NFTs) & MATIC (to store PYR token) wallet.
MyForge Account VulcanVerse
  • 3. Select your FREE Level 0 Vulcanite (in game virtual beast).  This creature will be key to battle, spy, forage and defend in game and unlocks play to earn ability.  These are very limited vulcanites designed for new players and have basic functionality.
  • 4. Playing VulcanVerse is totally free, the rules are forever changing regarding staking and benefits, along with additional requirements.   At this stage it is very difficult for new users to become involved.


  • 5. Level up your avatar.  The key to unlocking game staking and increase earning potential is to level up your avatar.  Land can only be upgraded if you have the corresponding level avatar.  Level 2 avatar requires 10,000 Lava and unlocks the ability to upgrade land to level 2.  There are some basic actions you can take to start earning lava, check them out here.


  • 6. Explore additional games in the VulcanForged ecosystem.  Currently the games developed by VulcanForged are very basic with limited gameplay and need further development.


Once the VulcanVerse game goes live we will have direct access to the download software installation package.  You need high spec PC requirements to play and cannot play on mobile.  The game has so far been disappointing and lacks even the basic gameplay functionalities of a MMORPG.