VulcanVerse Land 101

VulcanVerse is a Greco-Roman Fantasy themed virtual world powered by the blockchain.  The map is divided into 10,000 plots (no more to ever be minted) and a unique NFT that can be bought and sold.  Refer to explorer map for detailed plot co-ordinates & current land owners.  The remaining areas are landmarks and specific areas of interest. The world size is 3km x 3km separated into four distinct quadrants with unique lore, and Vulcan City in the centre of the map.

Players can build on their land (20m x 20m) using state of the art terramorphing and building tools.  These tools become more powerful with better build assets and easing of height restrictions as land is levelled up through staking. Players can sculpt hills, dig rivers and build castles.  However the more exotic build assets will only be available at the land higher levels. The possibilities are endless!

Let Your Imagination Run Wild