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Town Crier

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Frank Frazetta Egyptian Queen

VulcanVerse to Mint NFTs by Godfather of Fantasy Art

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Vulcan Forged has secured the intellectual property (IP) rights to use Frank Frazetta's fantasy art collection.  Known as the Godfather of Fantasy Art, Frank Frazetta was one of the most renowned illustrators of the 20th century.   His masterpieces include Egyptian...
How to play VulcanVerse

How to Play VulcanVerse

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VulcanVerse is a free to play fantasy virtual world, powered by the blockchain.  It is developed on a centralised platform and currently offers very basic gameplay and functionality.  Until all bugs are squashed and fair gameplay developed it may be...

The Symposium by Plato

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Berserk Launching with $100k Rewards

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The Vulcan Forged Berserk Tournament has ended and was plagued by technical problems, glitches, cover-ups and exploitation of bugs within the inner circle.  Not surprisingly the prize money pool was fed to these participants.  New players are not recommended to...