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Vulcanites are virtual in-game beasts that inhabit the VulcanVerse world.  Belonging to each one of the 4 quadrants, Vulcanite’s each have unique features, levels and stats.  They bring life to the game and unlock the ability for your avatar to forage (find rare treasures/NFTs), spy (uncover blueprints), defend (your own plot) and battle (compete with other players).  All essential aspects to the game both in terms of gameplay and play to earn.

Vulcanites have been mesmerizingly designed to reflect the fascinating Greco-Roman lore, through stunning artwork & animations.  In your VulcanVerse adventures encounter, vicious minotaurs to sprites, gorgons to sabretooth tigers and ghastly beasts from the Underworld.  Some Vulcanites may even be mountable by your avatar!

Vulcanites have other use cases outside of VulcanVerse. Vulcan Forged games including Berserk (Collectable Trading Card Game) and Forge Arena (Auto Battler) all utilize Vulcanite NFTs.

Which Vulcanite companion will join you on adventures & quests?

Vulcanites NFT from VulcanVerse

How many Vulcanites are available & what are their levels?

Vulcanites are unique to their quadrant homelands and each have their own level, depicted by the number on respective NFT card.  Currently there are approx 30 different Vulcanites available from level 0 to level 6.  However more will be released in the future.

As each level increases, number of editions become scarcer and Vulcanite stats become more powerful.  For example Phearei from Arcadia is level 1 with 300 editions, whereas Asterion is level 6 with only 50 editions in circulation.  Needless to say Asterion stats and abilities are far strong that Phearei.

Learn more about specific Vulcanites by each quadrant, Hades, Notus, Arcadia and Boreas.

How do I obtain a Vulcanite NFT?

Vulcanites can be purchased or traded from the marketplace and can sometimes be acquired through special events and giveaways.  Vulcanites are NFTs and stored on the blockchain (currently Vechain), all you need to get started is sign-up for a Myforge account and you will automatically be created with a Vechain account to store your precious Vulcanites.

The various rarities of current circulated Vulcanites has created a very healthy demand for all levels.  As the VulcanVerse Virtual World roles out and given the important role Vulcanites play, it is safe to say demand is only going to increase.

Which Vulcanite is best for me?

Before investing in your first Vulcanite it is important to first buy land and research your preferred quadrant based on landmarks and lore.  If you already own land then purchasing a Vulcanite that is from your land quadrant and corresponds to land level is essential.   For new players a lower level Vulcanite is more appropriate. You can only use a Vulcanite with level that corresponds to your land level.

I acquired a level 6 Vulcanite, can I use this straight away?

Only once you have level 6 land, your vulcanite can be unleashed from the home quadrant and is free to roam the world, battle, spy and forage.

However, as previously mentioned your Vulcanite can be used in other games.  For example you are free to use level 6 Vulcanite as your avatar (hero) in Berserk immediately.  Refer to specific Berserk Vulcanite hero abilities by each quadrant, Hades, Notus, Arcadia and Boreas.

Can I increase my Vulcanites Power?

Each Vulcanite has a base default stat for Attack, Defend, Forage and Spy.  Vulcanite stats can further be enhanced by levelling up with Lava, making them more powerful. Read more about ways to earn lava here.  As your Vulcanite level increases and power improves, your dynamic NFT will become animated.

How can I Play to Earn with my Vulcanite?

The 4 main Vulcanite abilities contribute towards your play to earn experience;

Battle — Fight other players and earn Lava, increasing your share of the rewards pool.

Forage — Send out your Vulcanite to forage the lands. Treasures to be found include LAVA and PYR pits and Special Item NFTs. Trade these on the marketplace to earn PYR.

Espionage — Spy on other players’ plots to retrieve a blueprint for a new item or asset for you to use in your build.

Defend — Protect your land and blueprints from intruders by setting your Vulcanite to defend your plot. Each Vulcanite can defend one single plot.