Vaults of Vulcan

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This website is not to be used as investment advice.  Only invest what you can afford to lose.  There are currently no legal terms & conditions on the Official Vulcan Forged Marketplace regarding FIRE ownership and upon swap from PYR to FIRE expect to lose ownership/control of that token.  VulcanVerse is a totally CENTRALISED platform. Please use at your own risk.

NFT Farming plays a big role in VulcanVerse.  Harvesting special NFT items enhances gameplay with unique benefits and creates a tradeable commodity on the marketplace. Special Item NFT’s are crafted by Vulcan, stored in his Vault and only distributed to mortals under certain conditions.  These include and are not limited to;

  • Giveaways & Special Promotions.
  • Foraging within the VulcanVerse World using Vulcanite/s.
  • Planting seeds into Vulcan’s vineyard and staking X PYR for a certain time period.
  • Accessing special worlds including Elysium & Tartarus.

OG Badge

One of the very first Special Item NFT’s distributed by Vulcan to his mortals was the prized OG Badge.  This shiny badge was provided to all who participated in the first land sales in September 2020.  It’s purpose was to reward OG’s with ongoing promotions, discounts and perks.

So far the OG Badge has appreciated in value significantly as it has unlocked access to Raffles, Giveaways, Air Drops and Special Promotions.  These include the distribution of special NFTs including the Coin of Neomean, Coin of Kopis and Titan & Olympian Coins (one per badge) which unlocked precious God and Vulcanite NFT raffles.

Vulcan’s Vineyard is located in the Olympian heavens. Anyone can farm there as long as they have a seed & the required PYR.



The Winged Boot of Hermes was the first in game Special Item to be unleashed by Vulcan.  Once applied to an Avatar, players will receive a 25% speed boost, allowing fast travel times in order to reach landmarks with ease and accumulate extra km’s in less time for Lava rewards. Further Special Items from Vulcan’s Vault will be added as they are released.