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Frank Frazetta Egyptian Queen

VulcanVerse to Mint NFTs by Godfather of Fantasy Art


ulcan Forged has secured the intellectual property (IP) rights to use Frank Frazetta’s fantasy art collection.  Known as the Godfather of Fantasy Art, Frank Frazetta was one of the most renowned illustrators of the 20th century.   His masterpieces include Egyptian Queen which recently sold for over $5 million.  In an exciting blockchain exclusive his artwork will be transformed into exclusive NFT’s to be used in the MMORPG Metaverse VulcanVerse.

Classic Fantasy Art Meets Blockchain MetaVerse

The current IP licenses also allows characters to be featured in the upcoming gamebooks.

Forging the Future of Crypto Gaming

VulcanVerse is making headlines developing the world most progressive MMORPG MetaVerse on the Blockchain, where gamers can own their own land and characters.  Other complimentary games including fantasy trading card game Berserk utilise the same NFT’s creating a gaming ecosystem like no other.  Vulcan Forged is developing a unique Play To Earn environment and just recently launched $100,000 in rewards for the first Berserk season.

VulcanVerse will soon go live where users will be able to claim a portion of the previously announced $20 million reward pool by  staking the platform’s native token, PYR. The native token PYR was recently listed on centralized cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin.