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VulcanVerse Game Review

VulcanVerse Game Review

The blockchain gaming industry has certainly seen its share of massively hyped projects. Some games live up to their release hype; some, sadly, do not.

VulcanVerse is now available for all land owners to play.  In this game review we open up the hood and ask does the game live up to hype and expectations?

VulcanVerse is a MMORPG Metaverse utilising blockchain NFT’s in the form of land and other in game characters/items.  The game has been developed by Vulcan Forged and released in record speed.  The traditional MMORPG gamer is very demanding of gameplay, mechanics and graphics and it is usually quite a feat for a MMORPG fan to dedicate an extended period of time without getting extremely bored.   In this VulcanVerse game review we assess 3 key metrics including Graphics, Gameplay and Play To Earn Ability.  VulcanVerse promises a lot with a fancy candy wrapper, is there anything inside?

Game Play     


Play To Earn 




VulcanVerse has been developed using the Unity engine and promises users the ability to build on their own plot of land, create quests and adventures, forage for NFTs, and battle against other Vulcanites.  After the very long download process and software installation VulcanVerse opens up to avatar creation where players can customise their avatar in terms of clothing and physical appearance.  On first impressions the graphics seem very dated and reminiscent of some early year 2000 games.  This can be acceptable as long as gameplay stacks up.  Once entering the metaverse players are able to explore the 4 quadrants, each with it’s own theme, building tools and characters.  On a quick explore around the metaverse the user menus are clunky and not very user friendly and graphic rendering and terrain textures poor. The overall feel is that the game was stitched together last minute with very basic functionality at this stage.  Vulcanites (your in game companion) are also badly rendered in 3D and look and act awkward in game, often so annoying they need to be dismissed.  With slow loading speeds and high demand on CPU even with tweaks to graphic card function, the game has been poorly developed.  In fact so badly the developers are unsure on specific computer requirements to run, all we know is the following.

VulcanVerse Game

Many users are experiencing difficulty accessing the game on PC and laptop with compatability being hit and miss.  On our test with the latest Alienware Laptop with NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3080 16GB GDDR6 and 11th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 11800H the computer’s fan was running on overdrive from the moment game loads, constantly maxing significant CPU resources.  It is therefore doubtful VulcanVerse will ever be mobile or browser compatible, which is key to success.


Gameplay is the most important aspect of any successful MMORPG and traditional MMORPG gamers demand excellence in gameplay functions in order to play long term.  VulcanVerse provides players with access to build function, fighting, foraging and spacebar jump.  The game so far does not provide any in built quests, asset interactions, avatar actions, in game items and all other interactivity VulcanVerse.   For example most official landmarks cannot be entered, doors cannot be opened, avatars cannot interact with any of the game assets.  This is a massive shortfall in development and will be a turn off for any avid MMORPG fan.  The Vulcanite menu is very bulky and not user intuitive and hit and miss as far as fighting and foraging is concerned, with Vulcanites seemingly having a mind of their own.  The game has been put together without much thought or planning or for the gamer in mind.  We fear player retention will be extremely low due to these factors as most MMORPG players will dismiss the game as being boring , monotonous and amateurish.

The game sells itself on building mechanics, where players are able to build on their plot of land with building tools.  As land level increases so does the building tool range.  Players can tera morph their land, create ponds, hills and add shrubbery.  The tera morphing tools can be hard to navigate and are not very user friendly and very buggy requiring lots of time and patience.

Play To Earn

The VulcanVerse economy utilises the PYR token which is extremely volatile.  Currently to transact on the marketplace users have to convert PYR to an intermediatory token FIRE which is fully centralised and in control of the developers.  We do not recommend holding FIRE unless you have to as some users have experienced difficulties withdrawing.  Having said that the main play to earn functionality involves the distribution of PYR pools to land owners through staking.  Essentially increasing supply and creating dilutionary pressures to existing holders.  VulcanVerse also offers another way to earn through the earning of $LAVA token.  This fictitious token is granted for specific actions in the ecosystem.  The developers track record does not provide confidence of controls over this token and it’s distribution.

So far the earning potential of VulcanVerse is confusing and developers are constantly changing their mind regarding level up requirements.  This makes VulcanVerse far from an easy passive income alternative on the blockchain, involving a lot of work maintaining and putting up with the game shortfalls in order to earn.  The VulcanVerse play to earn potential will rely significantly on new player uptake which to date has been very poor.  The performance of the game will need to be improved for players to adopt VulcanVerse.  The play to earn functionality within the game needs significant improvements to ensure adequate mechanisms and controls regarding it’s fair distribution.

Final Verdict

VulcanVerse feels like a very rushed put together MMORPG requiring years of further development before it can even be considered a game.  In what appears to be an appealing project on the surface, dig deeper and VulcanVerse struggles.  Bad graphics and performance could be excused with fantastic addictive gameplay, however sadly VulcanVerse fails to deliver on most key metrics. Instead of rush the current game to market with a solid plan, it is unfortunate the Vulcan Forged developers have felt it necessary to release such a bad game to the detriment of the brand.  As it stands VulcanVerse is definitely a miss compared to the other superior blockchain gaming projects out there which have put the hard yards into development.  After 15 minutes logged in it is hard to keep persevering and the temptation to log off is too great.  It may well be one of the worst blockchain games and developers have clearly never played a successful MMORPG or know what it takes to create one. Investing in Myst and Ember Sword for far superior alternatives in term of gameplay, play to earn possibilities and trustworthy project team.  For something a bit different check out VIMWorld featuring Dynamic Smart NFT collectables with treasures and passive income.